1. Privileged accounts. Who are behind the breaches?
  2. The Path to Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  3. Main challenges with privileged accounts
  4. One Identity Safeguard - security tool for Privileged Passwords, Sessions and Analytics, Authentification Services and Sudo
  5. Benefits of PAM
  6. Demo
Privileged accounts are a necessity in any enterprise IT environment, since they enable administrators to manage it. But what can organization do to protect data, privileged users and reputation during an unprecedented global disruption? How to deal with remote challenges under Covid-19 situation? On this webinar we'll show you how to eliminate security risks with PAM solution.
• Agris Ivbulis - Territory Manager, BAKOTECH
• Maksym Makovetskyi - Sales Engineer, BAKOTECH
    Challenges with privileged accounts.
    Eliminate security risks during Covid-19
    11:00 EET
    One Identity Regional Representative in Ukraine, Baltic region and Central Asia
    Official distributor